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Video: Hennessey Venom GT sets 0-300 kph World Record

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Hennessey Venom GT
Hennessey Performance (HPE) announced recently its street-legal Venom GT supercar accelerated from 0-300 kph in just 13.63 seconds, thus establishing the vehicle as a new record holder according to Guinness WORLD RECORDS. The acceleration time was an average of two runs made in opposite directions within one hour and validated by a VBox 3i GPS-based data logging system. VBox officials were on hand to certify the numbers as required by Guinness rules. The first run was completed in 13.18 seconds with a 4 mph tailwind. The second run was made in 14.08 seconds while encountering a 6 mph headwind. The resulting two-way 0-300 kph average was 13.63 seconds. Continue reading »

Posted: January 26th, 2013
at 12:00am by The Sub-Editor

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