2009 Los Angeles Auto Show: Photo coverage

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2011 Ford Fiesta
The Los Angeles Auto Show is one of the smaller international motor shows, with numerous no-shows at the 2009 edition due to the recession. There are only two concept cars and maybe ten all-new models displayed. All-new cars to look out for include the 2011 Hyundai Sonata, the 2011 Cadillac CTS Coupe, the 2011 Infiniti M and the 2011 Ford Mustang EcoBoost V6. To fulfill America’s new-found obsession with fuel economy, there is the Chevrolet Cruze, the Ford Fiesta and the Mazda 2. Rather than fresh models, there seems to be a high concentration of limited-edition models, including those for the Subaru WRX STI and the Scion xB, as well as final-edition models to say goodbye to cars such as the Dodge Viper ACR and the VW Beetle.

Posted: December 5th, 2009
at 9:29am by The Editor

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