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Most Underwhelming New Car of the Year
2006 Modern Racer Car Crazy Awards

2006 Modern Racer Car Crazy Awards

This category covers this year's new car releases that most of us had high expectations from, but failed to get our hearts pumping any harder than watching a re-run of the Brady Bunch.

2nd Runner-Up :
Lexus GS300
Toyota-Lexus suddenly remembered that there is a certain midsize sedan called the GS-something in their range and finally updated it. Then, while BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and even Infiniti injected some sportiness into their semi-luxo-mobiles, Lexus goes the opposite direction and injects some Toyota into theirs. Mildly up in power output over the previous GS300 while maintaining an isolated driving experience, Toyota instead chose to dump its more powerful V6 into the Avalon, of all things. For that kind of cash, we would rather have the cheaper G35 from Infiniti.

1st Runner-Up :
Lincoln Zephyr
We understand that Lincoln's first attempt at a sports sedan, the LS, ended in disaster through no fault of its own, except maybe for the poor build quality, dull design, poor engine choices and a pathetic name. So Lincoln execs got drunk, lost a bet and decided to see how far down the toilet they can sink the brand before needing a plunger to bring it back up again. They decided to take the front-wheel-drive Ford Fusion--a Taurus replacement based on the well-to-do Mazda 6--reskin it, add some wood, jack up the price and pass it as a luxury car. Good car, but it can be had for cheaper.

Winner :
Honda Accord EX V6
The biggest loser in this category has to be the updated Honda Accord. Honda redesigns all their pedestrian products on a 4-year cycle. So when it became evident that a new Accord was coming out after only 3 years since the last new one, we had our hopes high on a sporty new midsizer that would blow the Mazda 6 out of the water. Instead we get the same old car with a single-digit power increase, a long-time-coming manual gearbox, and a bigger rear end that makes its profile look more out of proportion than it already was. Of course we are expected to ignore all that and just ogle at the, umm, LED tail-lights.


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