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Most Outrageously Cool Design of the Year
2006 Modern Racer Car Crazy Awards

2006 Modern Racer Car Crazy Awards

The aesthetic appeal of a car can make or break a new release. Most manufacturers are content with releasing consumer-safe styling that will appeal to the masses in a platonic sort of way, but some car companies come out with certain models that can ignite passion in anyone who witnesses one. Such cars come out only once in a while, and almost never from the conservative Japanese. The Americans and Germans play it safe most of the time, but they also take the most risks with new cars. But this year's results are quite interesting.

2nd Runner-Up :
Dodge Charger RT
The new Charger caused an uproar when it was first revealed that it would have four doors. The uproar has mostly died down as the younger target market scoops up these funky cars and old-school hippies are dying out. With an aerodynamically inefficient front end that sports a truck grille while not looking as truck-like as the Magnum wagon, the Charger continues its mish-mash of design ideas with a rear side profile straight from the General Lee. While not really that attractive, it comes in third in this category simply because it has tremendous road presence.

1st Runner-Up :
Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
When Mitsubishi showed off a concept version of the latest Eclipse eons ago, no one expected it to resemble the production version in any way. But lo and behold, the drowning company decided to make the road-going version even more attractive than the concept. With massively bulging fenders, a swooping roofline, ferris-wheel rims and more curves than a Coke bottle, it looks even more out-of-this-world than the B-2 stealth bomber. The interior continues with the exterior theme of excessive curves and baby-safe edges. And all this without resorting to gaudy wings like brother Lancer Evo.

Winner :
Pontiac Solstice
As we said before, this car is very untypical of the General, with only two seats and a limited market. But what a car it is! The design was shown years ago as a concept and after years of being knocked around among accoutants, it has finally reached the driving public, almost unchanged from that amazing concept. Featuring headlights swept way back, the obligatory oversized wheels and Pontiac's own version of flying buttresses, it looks way more exciting than the traditionally simple Miata. GM's car czar Bob Lutz really is trying to make a difference at the old-fashioned Detroit outfit, and it shows.


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