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Most Hyped New Car Release of the Year
2006 Modern Racer Car Crazy Awards

2006 Modern Racer Car Crazy Awards

This category covers this year's most hyped new car releases. Pre-release hype usually, but not always, results in disappointment. However, this makes for some interesting and innovative marketing campaigns, rumors and lies. Heck, there is even a fair bit of controversy generated in some cases. This year's controversies are pretty weak compared to the previous year though. Oh well.

2nd Runner-Up :
Volkswagen GLI
After peddling a boxy front-wheel-drive Mexican-built car for more than half a decade on the premise that it is as German as a BMW, Volkswagen has finally redesigned their staple product to appeal to a new generation of fashion-conscious-yet-clueless young 'uns. Except that their completely madeover car strongly resembles the one thing young 'uns would like to distance themselves from--the sensible yet brain-dead Toyota Corolla. Also, even though the new car is a hit In terms of driving dynamics, dropping the "Jetta" name from the badge is a poor attempt at being cool.

1st Runner-Up :
Mercury Milan
Nothing more than a reskinned Ford Fusion which itself is based on the Mazda 6, the Milan is supposed to save the dying Mercury nameplate just as its twin Zephyr is supposed to save Lincoln. This well-handling front-driver is being heavily marketed towards women, much to the denial of Ford officials. Marketers went around major cities giving random people free coffee, manicures and dessert. They called it "random acts of surprise" and we have no idea what this ridiculous campaign hoped to achieve other than a passing mention of some new car while giving out free stuff.

Winner :
Honda Civic Si
Every ricer and wannabe street-racer from Alaska to Alabama had been waiting for the new generation of the Civic to come out. The new Civic Si coupe certainly does not disappoint, except maybe for the bloated styling. And what better way to introduce the Si than at the biggest ricer festival in the world--SEMA. Honda gave out a huge number of pre-release cars to various tuner outfits to dress up the new car. The record for the largest number of variations for the same make and model at SEMA 2005 probably goes to the Civic. Of course, most ricers will probably end up with the low-end models anyway.


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