1985-1990 Chevrolet Corvette

Chevrolet Corvette

Pros :
- Torquey small-block V8.
- Very good value for a powerful, true sports car.

Cons :
- Uneven paint.
- Rear suspension setup negatively affects handling.

The C4 Corvette had a long production run, with various changes since its 1984 introduction. The year 1985 saw the C4 receive a 230 hp L-98 small-block V8 engine, bumping up power by 25 hp. Horsepower kept climbing almost every year - up to a high of 245 hp - till 1991, after which the new LT1 engine was released. Styling changes came about in the 1991 model year.

The 1985-1990 engine represented the Corvette's transition period from the '84 205 hp plant to the '92 300 hp LT1. It is a great V8 in its own right and powered the C4 to a top speed of 150 mph. Starting with 230 hp in '85, 5 hp was added every year till 1988. Therefore, the models to go for are the 1988-1990 245 hp ones. If you prefer the C4's 1991-1996 body style and you have extra cash lying around, by all means go for the 1991 model. The '91 is powered by the same 245 hp plant. You can forget about the rare ZR-1, which costs north of 20 grand. A six-speed manual and Selective Ride Control were added in '89. The C4 comes in hatchback-coupe and convertible body styles. Go for a manual '89 if you can find one.

Build quality has always been a problem with American cars, but to a lesser extent in the Corvette's case. The rear axle setup does not do the Corvette's handling any favors. Occasional problems seem to be limited to electrical faults.

Specifications :
Price Range : $7,000-$14,000  Get a FREE used car price quote

Engine : V8, OHV, front engine RWD
Displacement : 5,733 cc
Valve : unknown
Transmission : 4-spd manual('85-'88), 4-spd automatic
                             6-spd manual('89-'90)
Fuel economy : city - 17 mpg
                             highway - 24 mpg

Horsepower : 230/235/240 hp @ 4000 rpm('85/'86/'87)
                          245 hp @ 4000 rpm('88-'90)
Torque : 330-345 lb-ft @ 3200 rpm('85-'90)
0-60 mph : 6.3 sec.

Curb Weight : 3280-3320 lbs
Overall length : 176.5 in.
Wheelbase : 96.2 in.
Overall Width : 71.0 in.
Height : 46.4 in.


Chevrolet Corvette

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