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1999-2000 Honda Civic Si

Honda Civic Si

Pros :
- Powerful engine combined with light overall weight.
- Sporty coupe styling with adequate rear passenger room.

Cons :
- Chore to get into and out of the back seat.
- Very low peak torque.

the Honda Civic Coupe Si is about as close as you can get to a cheap street-legal race-car. The Si, known as SiR in Canada, is based on the Civic Coupe, but has a more powerful 160 horsepower 1.6 litre twin cam four cylinder engine, a stiffer suspension, better brakes, a slightly different appearance and a higher level of standard equipment.

Styling touches include an 'Si' chrome badge on the rear decklid, 'DOHC VTEC' decals on the doors, body-coloured side-sills, front chin spoiler, mesh grille, chrome exhaust tip, low-profile 15 inch radials and alloy wheels. The Si has a 1.6 litre four cylinder engine with four valves per cylinder and VTEC (variable valve timing) with dual overhead camshafts, a higher 10.2:1 compression ratio, and cylinders with a shorter stroke and a wider bore. The SiR's engine puts out a potent 160 horsepower at a screaming 7600 rpm, an amazing 100 horsepower per litre of engine displacement, but peak torque is pathetic. Stiffer four-wheel double wishbone suspension, disc brakes and ABS are all standard. Only a manual transmission is offered. Interior space is on par with any subcompact, with decent rear passenger room.

The chassis and engine are very competent and reliable. Problems are basically non-existant. Just look for normal wear and tear when buying one.

Specifications :
Price Range : $14,000-$16,000  Get a FREE used car price quote

Engine : 4-cylinder, DOHC, front engine FWD
Displacement : 2,157 cc
Valve : 16 valves, 4 valves per cylinder
Transmission : 5-spd manual
Fuel economy : city - 26 mpg
                             highway - 31 mpg

Horsepower : 160 hp @ 7600 rpm
Torque : 111 lb-ft @ 7300 rpm
0-60 mph : 7.4 sec.

Curb Weight : 2606 lbs(estimated)
Overall length : 175.0 in.
Wheelbase : 103.1 in.
Overall Width : 67.1 in.
Height : 54.1 in.


Honda Civic Si

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