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ModernRacer.com is a comprehensive site offering information on the latest performance cars in the American market that most people can afford, along with regular feature articles, high resolution pictures, extreme driving tips and more. This site appeals mostly to young individuals with disposable incomes who are interested in "real world" cars. The number of unique visitors to the site has been growing rapidly since our "official" launch in October 2001. Regular updates keep the site fresh and the number of visitors is bound to keep increasing.

Also part of the network is ModernOffroader.com, a relatively new offering information on the latest trucks, crossovers and sport-utility vehicles available in the American market. Similar in style and format to the original ModernRacer.com, this website is fast gaining ground, offering truck enthusiasts and soccer moms alike a chance to find out more about the vehicles they own, or even aspire to drive.

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