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Winter Driving

Front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and four wheel drive cars behave differently. Be certain that you know how your particular type of car will react to driving situations and to your inputs.

In icy conditions, do one thing at a time. Brake in a straight line. "Coast" through corners on a steady throttle and accelerate when you are through the corner. 

Centrifugal force is your enemy, especially under slippery conditions. It increases with speed and/or reduced radius in a corner.

Beware of wide tires. They will hydroplane sooner than narrow tires due to the wider contact patch. 

If you should lose control remember the correct skid control techniques for your type of car. Look where you want to go, steer where you want to go and release the gas pedal gently to allow the contact patches to regain traction. DON'T BRAKE!


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