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Smooth Acceleration

Accelerating from a standing start is a balancing act of wheel spin and engine revs.

If the revs are too low, the engine will bog down and you will not be providing the tyres with anywhere near the maximum torque they can deliver to the road.  If the revs are too high, you will exceed this max and spin the wheels.

If you can accurately balance Traction vs Torque you will get the maximum possible acceleration.  In the real world however this is not possible every time.

Due to the fact that you are in first gear, and therefore putting the maximum torque to the wheels, and the fact that the road surface and in particular, the changes in road surface have a greater effect at slow speeds, you would have to be a complete god to instantly and accurately adjust the throttle and clutch to account for it and keep the Traction vs Torque at max.  The only way this is really possible is to have really high revs and balance using the clutch.  The only problem hear is that your clutch will last about ten minutes is you keep that up!

For this reason, the best method is to use controlled wheel spin.  Build the revs up to just into the power band.  Smoothly let out the clutch so that the wheels gradually start to spin and balance the spin to be just before they are starting to bite again.  Keep this up until you are at a high enough speed that the wheels could grip and you would still be in the power band.


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