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SEMA 2002

This year's SEMA 2002 auto show held in Las Vegas, Nevada which ran from November 5 to 8 featured a number of modified sport compacts straight from the factory, along with a number of models from prominent aftermarket tuners. Prominent manufacturers included General Motors, Honda, Nissan and Chrysler among others. GM showed off the flexibility of their new 4-cylinder Ecotec engine, appearing in turbocharged form in the Cavalier and Sunfire, making 220 and 252 horsepower repectively. Mazda displayed the next MazdaSpeed Protege while Honda-Acura showed supercharged versions of their cars, along with dealer-installed performance packages. Nissan and Hyundai cars were modified by various aftermarket specialists. A few luxury brands were also present, two of them being Jaguar and Cadillac. Featured in this photo gallery are some of the cars which stood out of the crowd...

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