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Ever watch World's Wildest Police Videos, where they show those police chases through a pursuit vehicle's in-car camera, and wonder how the heck those bulky cop cars are keeping up with that Mustang or whatever? Well, now you get to find out more about what helps these seemingly slow cars keep up with whatever it is they are chasing - be it a superbike or a tank.

We concentrate on traditional American police sedans here, the ones that are the most commonplace - the ones you are most likely to get pulled over by. All three of America's Big Three now offer complete police packages. Chevrolet's 9C1 police packages were the dominant force on U.S. highways all through the 80s right up to the later part of the 90s. Unfortunately, GM's "civilian" car business wasn't doing so well, so the first car in their line-up to get the axe was the full-size rear-wheel-drive sedan, effectively handing the large-sedan fleet market to Ford on a silver platter. Chrysler was never in the running seriously since the late 80s, but now seem eager to re-enter the market under the Daimler-Chrysler banner. Manufacturers also offer sport-utility vehicles for "special uses", namely off-road patrolling, S.W.A.T. transport and the like. We'll also cover these in brief, just so you don't freak out when you see one charging at you from out of nowhere in the open countryside. We're not suggesting that you should break the law or anything like that. It is definitely not advisable to try and outrun the cops should you, by mistake of course, find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Remember, The Blues Brothers and Gone In Sixty Seconds were only movies.

Now let's get this show on the road...


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