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Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor
Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

The 1998-2003 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor is the only remnant of the days when titanic rear-wheel-drive cop cars ruled the interstates. It is also the current bestseller among law enforcement agencies across the United States. Since the demise of Chevy's Caprice 9C1, officers have no choice but to adopt Ford's model since the competition from newer Chevy models is comparatively mediocre. That said, the Crown Vic is a capable police cruiser and can reel in most perps.

Police Interceptor models are easily recognized by their black-out grilles and black-out wheels with smaller-than-wheel-size shiny hubcaps, although some departments opt for normal Crown Vic wheels. You might even notice the cut-out on the A-pillar for the spotlight. The rear panel between the tail-lights is also blacked out and carries discrete "Police Interceptor" badging. All this should help you spot an unmarked unit on the highway if you plan on speeding (not that you would, of course), but mind you, the '98 models did not have black out grilles.

The Crown Vic is heavy, almost SUV-like heavy. It depends on this bulk to run suspects off the road should the need arise. It has an old-school V8 engine, but it doesn't provide nearly as much power as Chevy's small-block V8. It produces only 235 hp, which accounts for a quarter-mile time of sixteen seconds. In short, it has the same performance as your grandpa's Crown Vic. Ford also offers a 178 hp natural gas-powered version called NGV for light-duty patrols, which looks the same as the 235 hp Interceptor. But the cop version does have a heavy-duty frame, driveshaft, brakes, suspension and shocks to handle the rigors of a high speed pursuit over bumpy potholes and curbs. That's why it sits a few inches higher than the normal car. Police package equipment include things such as auxiliary power feeds, wiring packages, heavy-duty battery, alternator and cooling system, radio-interference-suppression bonding strap, engine and transmission oil coolers, removable headliner with extra roof reinforcements, inoperative inside rear-door handles and 225/60R16 tires on heavy-duty steel wheels.

Standard are all-wheel disc brakes, and independent short and long arm front and four bar link rear suspension. Top speed is limited to 129 mph and braking distances are long, at about 145 feet.

Specifications :
Price Range : Only sold to law enforcement agencies. Used ones
                          available at police auctions.

Engine : V8, SOHC, front engine RWD
Displacement : 4,600 cc
Valve : 16 valves, 2 valves per cylinder
Transmission : 4-spd automatic
Fuel economy : city - 16 mpg
                             highway - 22 mpg

Horsepower : 235 hp @ 4750 rpm
Torque : 275 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm
0-60 mph : 8.7 sec.

Curb Weight : 4020 lbs
Overall length : 212.0 in.
Wheelbase : 114.7 in.
Overall Width : 78.2 in.
Height : 56.8 in.


History :

Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor

The pre-1998 model, which originally began its production run sometime in the early 90s, is still being used by some agencies. The police package on these models were basically the same as the latest model, except that they came equipped with a 210 hp V8. It hits 60 mph in 9.1 seconds and has a governed top speed of 137 mph. A natural gas-powered 178 hp version was also offered.

The late 80s Ford Crown Victoria was widely in use until the mid-90s and may still be in use in some cash-strapped county sheriff's department. And yes, it is the car from The Blues Brothers 2000.

Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor


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