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Most Hyped New Car Release of the Year
2005 Modern Racer Car Crazy Awards

2005 Modern Racer Car Crazy Awards

This category covers this year's most hyped new car releases. Pre-release hype usually, but not always, results in disappointment. However, this makes for some interesting and innovative marketing campaigns, rumors and lies. Heck, there is even a fair bit of controversy generated in some cases. Like in the case of the new Corvette.

2nd Runner-Up :
Chevrolet Corvette C6
The new Corvette is a darn good car. And the "Boy's Dream" commercial was a darn fun piece of marketing work. Featuring a boy dreaming about driving the Corvette in the most aggressive of ways, the GM commercial cost millions to make, and millions to air during the Olympics. Then the minority loudmouths of society voiced their grievances about how the TV ad made kids steal the family SUV. GM pulled the ad without thinking twice. There was already a lot of hype surrounding the C6 Corvette. The controversy just gave it more limelight. Any publicity is good publicity.

1st Runner-Up :
Ford Mustang
The promise of an all-new Mustang had been driving enthusiasts crazy for years. Early reports suggested that the new car would have retro styling. Then came the stories of a Lincoln LS platform with four-wheel independent suspension. And engines that would blow the Corvette off the road. And then Ford came up with a pair of gussied-up concepts that the public drooled over. While some of the rumors came true, others were just fantasies. Everyone, however, loves the end result. The hype was warranted. Except in the case of the slow Mustang V6.

Winner :
Pontiac G6
The clear winner of hype is most definitely Pontiac with their G6 giveaway, and that too on Oprah, of all places. Pontiac gave away 276 G6 cars to a hall full of audience members who supposedly needed a car. Considering that recent research suggests Oprah viewers are most likely to be depressed middle-aged women, it makes us wonder what Pontiac was thinking, given that they are also trying to convey a "sporting" image at the same time. The hype was a success though, since every newspaper and media outlet from here to Mars reported the giveaway.


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